5 Ways to Have the Perfect Fiji Vacation


For most people, a vacation to the lush South Pacific tropical paradise of the Fiji Islands is a dream vacation all by itself. However, all Fiji vacations are not the same. If you are looking for the perfect Fiji vacation, these 5 tips will help you achieve your goal.

5.) Stay away from the city

Fiji has some wonderful cities like Suva and Nadi. These cities have shopping, dining, and plenty of things for the traveler to do. But most people dream of a small island retreat when they think of a perfect Fiji vacation, and cities tend to be more like cities anywhere.

If you truly want to soak in a total South Pacific Island paradise, try a more remote location like the Yasawa Islands Chain. The Yasawa was mostly closed to land based tourism until 1987 leaving the islands a much more pristine tropical getaway type environment. The sparkling lagoons, amazing coral reefs, and lush forests are what a true island getaway is all about.

4.) Go All-Inclusive

Staying at a tropical island resort gives you the opportunity to truly get away from the modern world for a while. There are no fast food restaurants, traffic jams or urban sprawl. There are also no ATM’s in most places. So if you are going to be staying in one of these secluded resorts, pick an all-inclusive resort so you won’t have to worry about cash. Nothing brings down your perfect Fiji vacation faster then not having the cash on hand to buy drinks, rent a kayak, or order the lobster. Make sure your resort doesn’t charge extra for anything and you will have a much better trip.

3.) Enjoy the Water

Did we just mention kayaks? Yes we did. It may be tempting to spend your time on a secluded tropical island lying around on the beach sipping fruity cocktails, but Fiji has a lot more to offer then just pristine beaches and amazing hospitality. Fiji’s sheltered lagoons are known for their calm, crystal clear waters. This gives you an amazing experience in small craft like kayaks, day sailors, or paddleboards.

2.) Take a Dive

Maybe this should be “enjoy the water pt. 2”, but I think it deserves it’s own spot. Fiji’s shallow lagoons in the middle of the South Pacific offer you a chance to see an amazing array of sea life that you won’t find in many other places. The soft coral reefs are teeming with exotic sea life. You can scuba dive, snorkel or both, but either way, you would be remiss if you didn’t spend a little bit of your perfect Fiji vacation under the waves.

1.) Soak in the Culture

In the early 1800’s, when Europeaners first began arriving in Fiji, the Fijian people were known as fierce warriors. These days, the Fijian people are known as the most hospitable friendly, and patient people in the South pacific. Fiji is dotted with small villages of native Fijians who live a simple, culturally rich life. Arrange with your resort a trip to one of the nearby villages, experience a Kava Ceremony and get to know the people of Fiji.

Make your Vacation, the Perfect Fiji Vacation

Turtle Island resort in Fiji has everything you need to make your trip to Fiji the perfect Fiji vacation. Turtle Island is an exclusive, luxury, all-inclusive resort nestled on a private island in Fiji’s Yasawa Island Chain. Nestled along the world famous Blue Lagoon, there are plenty of opportunities to play in and on the water at Turtle Island. Our staff is made up of local Fijian villagers who would be delighted to share with you all they know of the islands.

So come to Turtle Island resort in Fiji, and make your Fijian holiday, the Perfect Fiji Vacation.

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