7 Reasons to Visit Turtle Island Fiji

Turtle Island Fiji is a dream vacation destination. Numerous people, maybe even you have Turtle Island ranked high on their bucket travel list. Turtle Island gives the traveler numerous reasons to visit from exploring the natural habitats to participating in recreational activities. You may want to consider the seven top reasons to visit an all inclusive Fiji resort.

1. Luxury

Turtle Island is all about luxury and being spoiled with the natural habitat. You can enjoy the beautiful private island paradise. The tropical island will show you the most beautiful wild flowers as you enjoy a warm breeze.

2. Privacy

Turtle Island respects your privacy while on vacation. The all inclusive Fiji resort option gives you access to your own private beach. You can enjoy the magic of watching the sunset over the tropical waters in complete privacy. For the early risers even on vacation, sunrises reveal the tropical paradise’s all natural beauty.

3. All Inclusive

The all inclusive Fiji resort option allows you to spend time relaxing and enjoying your vacation. The resort will take care of your meals, drinks and aid you in finding the right activities to make the vacation a memory to last a life time.

4. Romance

Turtle Island is the place for romance. You can use the destination as a place to propose, honeymoon, renew your vows or host your wedding. Or take the opportunity to surprise you spouse with a romantic getaway to kindle the romantic spirit. Turtle Island has the overall romantic ambiance to enjoy while picnicking on the beach. Imagine watching the sunset as you sip wine with the one you love.

5. Diving

Fiji has some of the best diving areas in the world. Turtle Island will give the diver or snorkeler a chance to explore the turquoise waters which host abundant sea life. The enchanting sea life can be found along the vibrant living coral reefs. You may be surprised by what you get to witness up close and personal. The area is known to show a variety of ocean life including fish, sea cucumbers, crabs, stingrays, octopus, and turtles. The experience will leave you breathless from the majestic view of nature.

6. Boating

The boating options will depend on what you would like to experience. The all inclusive Fiji resort has sailboats, glass bottom boats, sea kayaking and paddle boarding. Picking just one may not be an option. Take your time; try more than one boating experience. The glass bottom boat allows you to view the ocean life without getting in the water. You may be surprised to see what is swimming underneath the boat as you head out into the lagoon area.

7. The Beaches

Turtle Island is unspoiled tropical paradise with the most beautiful white sandy beaches. The pristine beaches are a vacationer’s paradise. You and your loved one can take a leisurely stroll down the beach to see the surrounding cliffs or coves. The privacy of the beach will give you a chance to shed your inner inhibitions. You can take advantage of the exclusively private environment for a late night swim under the moonlight. Or perhaps just wading in the turquoise warm water will give you peace and relaxation while you continue to enjoy your time in the tropical paradise.

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