As a boutique, all inclusive resort in Fiji for couples only, Turtle Island specializes in romantic getaways. We are committed to providing a peaceful, elegant, and indulgent guest experience. Our valued clients choose to stay with us because they are seeking an intimate, tranquil destination holiday of the highest standard.

To achieve this, Turtle Island requires that all guests be 18+ years in age.

This restriction is necessary to operate in the best interests of the clients we serve.

We do, however, recognize that many of our adult vacationers leave with a newfound fondness for Fiji and the Turtle Island resort. It isn’t uncommon for past guests to inquire about bringing children to the island after they’ve experienced it for themselves.

Thus, we do welcome families to stay at our retreat during pre-determined time blocks throughout the year.

If you would like to share the magic of Turtle Island with your little ones, we encourage you to book during family weeks (more information below).


We have been heralded as one of the best places in Fiji for couples by both past guests and travel industry publications. But even more specifically, Turtle Island is a highly-acclaimed wedding destination.

Below are a few of the features that contribute to our standing as one of the premier adults only resorts for Fiji honeymoons and engaged couples:

  • A Backdrop Beyond Compare
    Imagine saying your vows on a long, winding white sand beach, while the turquoise waters of the Pacific Ocean glimmer behind you. Perhaps it’s sunset, and the sky is painted with cotton-candy pinks and various shades of tangerine. The balmy ocean breeze is gently rustling the leaves of nearby palm trees. It may sound like a fairy tale, but at adults only resorts in Fiji, this can be a reality.
  • Musical Arrangements and Performances
    Would you like to approach your bride or groom while traditional Fijian warriors guide your footsteps with the rhythm of their drums? Or hear the angelic harmonies of a Fijian church choir as they make their entrance? We would be thrilled to coordinate these performances for your special day.
  • Fully-Catered Ceremonial Feasts
    Another aspect of what makes us one of the best Fiji resorts for couples who are getting married is our ability to provide expertly-prepared and thoughtfully-presented meals for newlyweds and their guests. From light and decadent lobster tails to rustic, charred mahi-mahi and vibrant vegetarian curries, our regional menu offers mouth-watering options for all.


For those who have already united in marriage, a tropical retreat is a wonderful way to pay tribute to time spent together. Or, if you recently walked down the aisle, why not whisk your lover away to Turtle Island where you can rest, recuperate, and truly make the most of your newfound marital bliss?

Only a select few private Fiji adults only all inclusive retreats offer romantic service packages for honeymoons, anniversaries, and vow renewal ceremonies — and Turtle Island is one of them.

Our dedicated hospitality staff would be delighted to oversee the coordination of your special event. Simply provide us with your plans, arrive, and adjust to island time — we’ll ensure all arrangements are made.


Guests are often struck by how thoughtfully-crafted and well equipped our villas are. This is another of the defining characteristics that separates Turtle Island from other Fiji adults only all inclusive resorts.

The walls in each of our Fiji villas, for example, are decorated with indigenous artwork and handicrafts. You’ll also find locally-sourced, handmade furnishings, textile fabrics, and sculptures.

We want each guest to feel deeply engaged with Fijian culture, from the moment they step foot upon our alabaster shorelines, to the second they lay down their head on our plush, fresh linen pillows.

Thus, our culinary menu is also centred around the simple — and divinely succulent — fruits, vegetables, and agricultural products that are grown domestically, right here in Fiji.

Even the activities and excursions that can be enjoyed during our Fiji vacations for couples, including traditional kava ceremonies and meke performances, have been mindfully selected to provide guests with firsthand knowledge of Fijian culture. It is our hope that these immersive and interactive experiences will give rise to a greater appreciation for Fijian people, their magnificent motherland, and the customs and conventions that make them so undeniably special.


During family weeks, Turtle Island expands beyond being the best island in Fiji for couples, becoming the best island for the entire family.

While visiting on these dedicated weeks, parents and children can access family-oriented activities and events that aren’t customarily available at Turtle Island resort, including supervised swimming outings, turtle tours, paddle boarding, arts and crafts, and outdoor games.

Families will also benefit from a designated “Bula Buddy”— a vetted and trained Turtle Island Fiji vacation team member who provides nanny services, chaperoning children to and from activities, educating them about Fiji and its many wonders, and entertaining your little ones by exploring the island with them.

Bula Buddies are an integral part of what makes Turtle Island the best place to stay in Fiji for couples with children. They allow parents to enjoy peace of mind at all times, knowing their children are being attentively supervised and cared for.