Fiji Honeymoon Resort Packages

Fiji honeymoons: the gateway to idyllic bliss

Voted in the top five honeymoon resorts in Fiji, our secluded island combines breathtaking landscapes with modern luxury and exquisite beaches.

People visit from all over the world to experience the delights of a honeymoon in Fiji. With lush jungles, white sandy beaches, and halcyon turquoise waters, the Fijian islands are often described as ‘the most romantic place in the world.’

Come and discover the perfect honeymoon island in Fiji. Our stunning sunsets provide the perfect backdrop for early marital bliss. Feel the powdery white sand filter through your toes as you stroll hand in hand along the coastline, or relax in tropical landscaped gardens scented with fragrant white ginger.

Top 10 things to do in Fiji

1. Discover your own secluded stretch of beach

There are dozens of tiny beaches with brilliant white sands hidden throughout the island coastlines with miles upon miles of coastline on your doorstep. Why not explore and find a spot to call your own?

2. Snorkel through our crystal waters

Meander through our calm crystal waters and explore the natural beauty just beneath the surface of our lagoons and ocean. Snorkeling and scuba diving activities give couples the perfect opportunity to view our amazing reefs and wildlife.

3. Experience the wonder of our archipelagos

With over 333 islands and multiple tiny islets arranged in neat archipelagos, there are endless opportunities to explore Fiji. Why not charter a private boat, catamaran, or kayak through our still waters?

4. Purchase luxurious black pearls

South Pacific black pearls are sought after throughout the world due to their elegance and beauty. Several boutique jewelers are scattered across Fiji, offering timeless pieces that are the perfect souvenir for your Fiji island honeymoons.

5. Check out the main island’s natural wonders

Fiji has so much natural beauty, from waterfalls to rainforests, unique wildlife, and exciting hiking opportunities. One of our most amazing tours involves white water rafting along the Upper Navua River.

6. Enjoy a performance from the Beqa Fire Walkers

Take some time to watch the incredible descendants of the ancient Beqa Warriors as they perform this traditional ritual. This fascinating ceremony brings the historical culture of Fiji to life.

7. Participate in a kava ceremony

Take some time to watch the incredible descendants of the ancient Beqa Warriors as they perform this traditional ritual. This fascinating ceremony brings the historical culture of Fiji to life.

8. Visit a local Fijian village

Fijians love welcoming guests and sharing their traditional way of life. Get ready for entertainment, ceremonies, and beautiful local cuisine. The inclusive community in Fiji leaves guests feeling like they’ve found a home away from home.

9. Try a traditional Fijian lovo

Educate yourself on Fijian culture by learning about lovo, a traditional Fijian way of cooking. Lovo involves cooking food encased in banana leaves over hot rocks in a shallow hole in the sand. Once the lovo is prepared, sit back and enjoy a ‘meke’, the practice of traditional storytelling through song and dance.

10. Lose yourself in a banana leaf massage

What better way for newlyweds to relax than being wrapped up in banana leaves and smothered in coconut oil and brown sugar? Lie back and listen to the exotic sounds of nature as your troubles are soothed via a gentle head massage.

Resort packages

From all-inclusive Fiji honeymoons to spa breaks and private island retreats, there is something for everyone looking to spend their first weeks of marriage in this idyllic location.
Many Fijian establishments provide exclusive itineraries explicitly designed for newlyweds. So, whether you’re a thrillseeker looking to skydive over the archipelagos, a scuba diver adding a new reef to your bucket list, or a couple seeking calm and solitude, Fiji is the perfect location.

Resort experiences

Although it’s tempting for couples to spend their entire trip to Fiji sipping cocktails and sunbathing, there is a wide range of activities available, just a short trip from the beach. Within a ten-minute boat trip from most resorts, guests can snorkel with dolphins and scuba dive coral reefs.
Additionally, the reef’s exposed edges house some of the world’s most incredible surf breaks. Lovers of nature are blessed on dry land and underwater, with wildlife-spotting opportunities in ample supply. Enjoy the rainbow plumage of exotic birds, spot sea turtles along the shore, and glimpse tiger sharks up to 3m-long.

What to expect on a Fiji honeymoon

Once you’ve decided to book your Fiji honeymoon, you’ll probably have a multitude of questions about your trip. The following information will help you prepare for the journey of a lifetime.



We want your stay to be carefree, so all your meals, beverages and activities are included. You’ll soon discover that you’ve been transported to a heavenly place where there are no bills to sign, no currency to convert, no taxes, no monetary considerations whatsoever.

Spacious beachfront bure with a private verandah and sunset views 

Dedicated “Bure Mama” to service your bure and arrange your experiences

Daily meals including breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Your minibar is replenished daily with beverages and snacks of your choice

All beverages including fine wines, spirits, champagnes and cocktails 

Unlimited dining experiences from private beach picnics to floating pontoon dinners

All water activities including daily snorkeling excursions, fishing and scuba diving

All land activities including archery, guided tours and horseback riding

2 complimentary half-hour massages at our Vonu Spa

Cultural immersion including traditional meke, lovo and kava ceremonies

Nightly entertainment including sunset cruise on the Blue Lagoon

Use of resort facilities including 12 beaches and 13 kilometres of roads and trails 

Daily laundry and complimentary wifi at our giftshop