Fiji Islands: The 12 Best Places to Visit

Few places in the world are as beautiful as Fiji. In fact, the country is one of the most unique in the world. However, first-time visitors typically have a lot of questions about this exotic vacation destination. One that tops the list is: “Fiji has how many tropical islands?”

Well, the answer is that Fiji has 333 islands, each of which offers something unique. But the overwhelming number of private islands can make it hard to choose which one to visit.

To help you decide, let’s look at some of the Fiji islands and why they are worth visiting.

1. Turtle Island

While there may be hundreds of islands of Fiji, none of them can match the unique and exclusive experience you can find at Turtle Island.

This magnificent private Fiji island is a true paradise on earth, offering 5-star amenities, a wide range of activities, world-class food, and a one-of-a-kind private island experience.

Because the island can only be visited by up to fourteen couples at any given time, you will have plenty of privacy. Even better, you can enjoy the spectacular scenery available at one of the many private beaches across the island.

When visiting Turtle island, you will be taken care of by real locals, who will not only make your trip comfortable but will introduce you to the Fijian culture and way of life.

Turtle Island is one of the few Fiji Island resorts on this list that offers an abundance of water land-based activities, with scuba diving, snorkeling, challenging hiking trails and horseback riding being just a couple of the options available.

In addition, another highlight of visiting the island is the fact that it is a turtle conservation area, with sea turtles being a protected species that live near the island. You can see them during diving or snorkeling tours. Moreover, you can help conservation efforts by staying on the island.

2. Vomo Island

Vomo Island is another of the private islands in Fiji. It’s part of the Mamanuca Island group and stretches for 87 hectares. The island has only one resort, which means that there is also a lot of space for you to explore in relative privacy, especially compared to some of the bigger Fijian islands.

Vomo is actually made up of two islands, but one is much smaller and is completely deserted, which means it can only be visited during the day.

Although there’s only a single resort on the island, there are plenty of accommodation options available, so the experience is not as exclusive and secluded as in Turtle Island.

3. Yaukuve Levu Island

When you stay on this island, you might just have The Beach Boys hit “Kokomo” stuck in your head. Why? Well, this island is home to the private Komomo Private Island Resort. With only 25 rooms, this island is able to provide a distinctly private feel. However, it also caters to families and has a kid-friendly vibe.

This island has a wide range of activities for guests to experience including snorkeling, sailing, sunset cruises, waterfall hikes, and more. Plus, they offer a teen club and kids club to keep the kids entertained during their stay.

Accommodations here are rather lavish, too, and featured a blend of contemporary and South Pacific designs.

4. Royal Davui Island

The Royal Davui private island is an excellent destination for couples that want a more quiet vacation, as it’s adults-only. As such, kids are not permitted.

You’ll find white sand beaches, picturesque shores, and a slow-paced setting that allows you to unwind and enjoy your honeymoon, anniversary, or a couple’s vacation.

However, the Fiji islands like this one have size limitations, as there’s simply not enough space for many of the activities you could find on Turtle Island. Further, since there are sixteen villas and suites in a relatively small island, you may have a harder time finding a completely secluded area if you want that private island experience many vacationers seek.

5. Wakaya Island

Wakaya private island offers visitors a chance to experience a luxurious resort experience, which includes top-class accommodation, spa facilities, and natural beauty that’s just a few steps away.

The island is quite small, so you’ll need a Fiji islands map to find it, but it’s close to the Fiji main island, Viti Levu, which makes accessing Wakaya easier.

However, because of the island’s truly tiny size, it might not be as secluded as you’d like, although that might not be something that all people require.

6. Laucala Island

Just like most islands of Fiji, Laucala will offer you pristine beaches, a relaxing atmosphere, and some of the most popular activities you can enjoy in the country.

Laucala is actually part of triplet islands located just off the Taveuni Island. That said, it is a privately-owned island with luxury villas for guests to stay in.

There’s also a wellness center, and the housing is designed according to local traditions, but with luxurious amenities.

If you enjoy golfing, you’ll surely love Laucala’s championship golf course, which is set on the backdrop of stunning volcanic mountains. As a result, it’s one of the most distinct places to play a round of golf in the world.

7. Wadigi Island

Wadigi Island might be one of the most exclusive options on this list. It actually has only one villa with three suites, which means that if you want, you could potentially be the only two guests staying on the entire island.

In terms of activities, you can find a wellness center, a pool, and a range of fun water activities, including snorkeling, diving, kayaking, windsurfing, and many others.

However, because the island is tiny, spending more than a few days might become a bit monotonous. There aren’t many trekking opportunities without island hopping. As such, Turtle Island might be a better option if you want a range of land-based private island activities.

8. Matagi Island

Just off the Vanua Levu island group, you’ll find Matagi Island, a tiny private island with a reputation as a premium Fiji destination. Whether you want a romantic getaway or a place to celebrate your wedding, Matagi Island can accommodate your needs and provide you with an unforgettable experience.

Like a couple of other islands on this list, Matagi Island is an adults-only resort, meaning that families with children are not permitted. For some, that might be an advantage, but others might actually find this limiting. As a result, you need to consider whether that works for you or not.

You can stay at the beautiful traditional bures that come with all of the necessary amenities. Plus, the island offers locally-sourced food and a top-shelf selection of drinks.

9. Kaibu Island

Kaibu Island is one of the most beautiful islands in Fiji, located next to the bigger Yacata Island. Although Kaibu is the smaller of the two, it is still relatively big. Moreover, it has a pretty good infrastructure, considering it is a private island.

The island offers guests the option to stay at one of three exclusive villas, where they can enjoy complete privacy, amazing views, and luxurious amenities, which include locally-sourced food.

Even though it’s one of the most remote islands on this list, Kaibu offers a wellness center, a wide range of water activities, and even a golf course, which will surely keep you occupied for days.

Still, since it’s so far away from Fiji’s bigger islands, it’s more difficult to reach. A boat ride might seem too long for many travelers. With that in mind, you might need to take a plane if you want to get there faster.

10. Nukubati Island

Located near the northern side of Vanua Levu Island, the Nukubati private island is very easy to reach, which can be a big plus for those that want great accessibility while still enjoying the private island experience.

The island only has seven bures, all of them designed for couples, which is understandable, considering that the island is quite small. However, even though its size may be limited, the small number of guests allows you to enjoy privacy and a luxurious experience on par with many of the islands on this list.

You can try out the local cuisine at the island’s restaurant, take advantage of the services in the wellness center, or go on numerous adventures organized by the local staff.

11. Dolphin Island

If you’ve always dreamed of seeing dolphins, you might as well do it while staying on Dolphin Island. This private island, located near Viti Levu, offers an exclusive and intimate experience to its guests, accepting only eight guests at any given time.

On this island, you can go snorkeling or diving or go on a dolphin sightseeing tour.

Since the island is tiny, you will likely want to travel around the surrounding islands, as hiking trips on Dolphin Island itself aren’t really possible.

12. Mago Island

Unlike all of the other private islands on this list, Mago Island doesn’t actually have a resort that you can stay in. However, it might actually be the island with the most press coverage, since it’s a private island owned by the actor and film director Mel Gibson.

Mago Island isn’t accessible without an invitation, but it does have a luxurious resort, and a reported 60 people working full-time to maintain the island’s facilities.

But, while you can’t stay on Mel Gibson’s island, the other islands on this list are fully accessible, so you have plenty of alternatives if you want to have the same private-island experience.

Which Island is For You?

One of the best things about going to the Islands of Fiji is the wide range of different options you can choose from. But at the same time, this can actually be a drawback, since many find the sheer number of Fiji islands overwhelming.

In this list, we went through some of the most intriguing options, including Turtle Island, which offers a truly unique experience that’s hard to rival anywhere else in the world.

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