Fiji vs Hawaii: Dream Vacation Destinations Compared

Your Next Travel Destination: Fiji or Hawaii?

Are you looking for a serene tropical getaway? The temptation to travel to Fiji, Hawaii, or any Polynesian island makes sense, given the natural beauty of these destinations. These exotic islands offer some of the most luxurious beaches around the world. Delectable, traditional food can be found around every corner. Adventure permeates the air, land, and sea. Surfing and sun are abundant, making the choice of Fiji vs Hawaii a difficult decision.

Scouring over a map of Fiji and Hawaii will show that each offers a multitude of islands. Hawaii is home to eight major islands that have been well-developed boasting several amenities. Fiji is lined with over 300 islands, providing travelers with serene and traditional landscapes to explore.

Comparing Fiji vs Hawaii, you’ll find that both provide you with a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. The experience will all depend on which destination you land on. Here is a breakdown of these destinations to help decide which Fiji and Hawaii holiday packages are the best for you.

Hawaii vs Fiji: Adventure and Activities


Fiji is home to some of the best locales for adventure-seekers. Teeming with gorgeous green ranges, palm-lined beaches, and coral reefs with crystal-clear turquoise lagoons, every year, over 700,000 travelers come to this South Pacific archipelago in search of island adventure.

For those wondering “how big is Fiji island?”, you’ll have a choice of staying on one of the 300 plus islands, but the main island is called Viti Levu. To access one of the other islands, you can charter a prop plane, boat, or helicopter to ferry you across the archipelago. An excellent way to kickstart any adventure.

You’ll eventually find yourself surrounded by natural wonders, practically inviting you to don a scuba to view the immaculate marine life. When comparing Fiji vs Hawaii, you should know that Fiji is considered the soft coral capital of the world, giving the diver an unforgettable experience as they’re immersed in a colorful underwater seascape.

For the adventurer that prefers to stay above the water, Fiji has a consistent supply of waves, making it a surfer’s paradise. With cool weather year-round, surfing is always an option.

More experienced surfers seeking some of the world’s toughest waves will be pleased to know that Fiji is home to the Mamanuca Islands. You can find ‘Cloudbreak’, a surf spot that will challenge even the hardiest surfer among these spectacular islands.


Hawaii is a great U.S. destination for thrill-seekers. Picturesque beaches that lead to waves suitable for every level of surfer. Tall mountains and rainforest for hikers and trekkers to explore the nature around them. You can even bike down Mauna Kea. Hawaii has a buffet of adventure before you.

In Hawaii, you can fly between the islands, which will give you the chance to hike up an active volcano, parasail with a sunset background, and zipline down massive falls.

Similar to Fiji, you snorkel with sea life, kayak along the coast, indulge in waterfall excursions, and explore the ocean.

While you can find a lot of parallel activities to keep you busy, the overall theme will have a different feel. Fiji hasn’t been as heavily influenced by western cultures giving it a more culturally authentic feel, and Hawaii has had several decades of development and infrastructure, making it more populated by both tourists and western city structures .

Hawaii vs Fiji: Honeymoon Destination

Choosing between Fiji or Hawaii for honeymoon vacations ultimately depends on what the newlyweds want to experience. The couple will need to weigh what they want out of their honeymoon to make a reasoned decision when comparing Hawaii to Fiji. Both host some of the most luxurious resorts you can find in the world, but each island chain’s vibe varies considerably.

If you’re looking for a trip filled with nightclubs, tiki bars, shopping, and huge hotels, Hawaii might be the location for you. Maui is a well-known mecca for honeymooners looking to start their life together with a bang.

However, for some, Hawaii may have too many similarities to home, as it doesn’t have the same remote feel of a Fiji honeymoon.

Fijian islands are smaller than the Hawaiian ones, making them less prone to crowds. This allows for a more peaceful atmosphere, away from the busyness of Hawaii. There are even opportunities to rent your own island.

Fiji is known for running on island time, allowing newlyweds to celebrate their marriage at their own pace. Many couples even strive to have their wedding ceremony held on one of the beautiful Fijian island’s beaches. Delivering your vows on the shores of this paradise is a moment that will be etched in you and your partner’s history, forever.

For those looking for a tranquil and remote experience, Fiji offers many adult-only resorts like Turtle Island. Nothing is worse for a romantic honeymoon getaway than being disturbed by the screams of children jumping around. These adult-only resorts offer the same amenities as other resorts sans children.

Both destinations certainly have their appeal, but it comes down to choosing between an exotic and serene island getaway versus a more familiar, fast-paced environment in a tropical setting.

Hawaii vs Fiji: Relaxation

Lounging on the beach, drink in hand, the heat of the sun cooled by a tropical breeze, all of these can be found in Hawaii and Fiji.

Of the relaxing draws that Hawaii has to offer, some of the most notable are horseback riding along the beach, and of course, golf. Hawaii is also home to the championship course at Hilton Waikoloa, making it a definite bucket list course to check off.

If you’re seeking relaxation, then this is Fiji’s specialty. With relaxing being one of the most indulged pastimes, you can find a spa just about anywhere in Fiji. You can even enjoy an on-beach spa while being soothed by the ocean’s waves.

Fiji is an archipelago of volcanic islands, meaning you can even find wondrous natural hot springs to bathe in therapeutic mineral waters. If you’re really seeking a transformative experience, you may want to jump into a mud pool. Once coated by thick, wet mud, you can relax in a naturally heated pool washing and stress or anxiety away.

Hawaii vs Fiji: Geography

Planning on flying between both destinations? How far is it from Hawaii to Fiji? The distance from Hawaii to Fiji islands is just under a seven-hour flight, a little over 3,100 miles. You’ll have to head southwest, and depending on which island you choose to visit, you may have to cross the International Date Line. However, you won’t have to worry about resetting your watch while traveling inter-island, as the dateline conveniently curves around the islands.

How big is Fiji compared to Hawaii? Fiji is roughly 65% of the size in land mass. Fiji has a diverse ecology, with lagoon filled coral atolls, dense tropical forest, and you can even stumble across a gold mine. The 300 islands vary in size with Viti Levu as the main island.

Hawaii can be reached from Los Angeles in about five hours by plane. The state is formed from over 100 islands, however, most people only catalog the main eight.  The Hawai’i, more commonly known as the ‘Big Island’, Maui, O’ahu, and Kaua’i are the four most popular destinations. O’ahu, the third largest of the islands, is where the government holds council, and where the majority of the populace lives.

Hawaii vs Fiji: Culture

Polynesian culture can be found in everyday life in both Hawaii and Fiji. However, with Hawaii being part of the U.S., you’ll notice that western society has significantly impacted the style and design of the islands.

If you’re looking for an authentic cultural experience, Fiji is your answer. In Fiji, you’ll find that nearly 60% of the inhabitants are of Fijian or mixed Melanesian and Polynesian descent. Unfortunately, in Hawaii, less than 10% of the islanders are of Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander heritage. O’ahu does have Polynesian Cultural Center, however, this is more to bring awareness to the culture than it is to provide a real Polynesian experience.

Hawaii does have an island, Niihau, solely populated by native Hawaiians, but is closed off from tourists.

While traveling through Fiji, you can come across preserved Fijian villages, showcasing the true lifestyle of its ancestral people. You’ll be greeted with open arms and broad smiles, as the Fijians’ are renowned for their hospitality.

Hawaii vs Fiji: Transportation and Island Hopping

If your schedule permits, traveling between individual islands is an amazing experience in both Fiji and Hawaii.

Hawaii offers regular flights between its islands, and the fare is on the inexpensive side. While this is an excellent opportunity to see more of the state, you’ll share the experience with several other tourists.

Fiji might have too many islands for a traveler to visit in a single trip. The flight schedule isn’t as regular as those found in Hawaii. However, when you reach a new island, you’re in store for a tremendous experience. You’ll have peace and comfort to explore remote regions without a tour bus behind you.

Explore Turtle Island

If you’re comparing Fiji vs Hawaii in terms of serene tranquility, cultural authenticity, and natural beauty, then Fiji is the best choice.

To get a truly remarkable experience, you will want to visit the private sanctuary of the Turtle Island Fiji resort. Breathtaking beaches are reserved for only 14 couples at a time. You’ll be surrounded by lush forests, clear azure waters, and exotic tropical marine life.

If you want to enjoy the wonder and tranquility of Turtle Island, contact us to book your Fiji vacation today. Experience paradise personalised to you.

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