What to Know About Dining on Turtle Island

Dining Opportunities on Turtle Island

Good food is one of our oldest and dearest pleasures, so it should come as no surprise to learn that Turtle Island comes prepared to provide. However, while Fijian cuisine can come up with mouth-watering meals capable of appealing to even the most experienced palates, what sets us apart is the combination of our food with the beautiful settings in which our guests can feast at their leisure. After all, there is no spice so wonderful in all the world as being immersed in the right atmosphere.

About the Settings

As is appropriate for the scenic landscape of Turtle Island, our guests can choose from a wide range of settings to dine in, which are sure to please people with a wide range of personal preferences. For example, the Bure is an excellent for dining with a loved one while looking out at the natural beauties of the place. Likewise, other couples interested in intimate settings might be interested in an open-air picnic out on one of our private beaches, a lantern-lit dinner out on the waters, or perhaps even a mountaintop outing beneath the stars with the Blue Lagoon and the Yasawa Islands spread out as though a richly detailed canvas. In contrast, those who to spend some time with new-found friends can have that as well by attending one of the group dinner parties being held on each night.

About the Entertainments

We understand that some people prefer to dine with minimal interruption, while others like to have some entertainment while eating. As a result, those belonging to the latter group have convenient access to entertainments such as stimulating conversation as well as music and live performances straight out of Fijian culture. All situated in one of the most beautiful locations that can be found in the whole wide world, whose sights and sounds are sure to soothe the senses even as they stimulate the appetite.

About the Food and Drink

Of course, no discuss of the dining opportunities to be found on Turtle Island is complete without mentioning the food and drink. Given Fiji’s location out on the Pacific Ocean, it stands to reason that Fijian cuisine is famous for its mouth-watering seafood, with examples ranging from tuna to crab and lobster. Said seafood is paired with the freshest vegetables plus a bright and colorful selection of sweet fruits local to the climate, served up with imported foods such as the finest cuts of Australian beef.

Likewise, Turtle Island boasts a fine selection of wines and champagnes, which include but are not limited to French, Italian, and US vintages. Considering the selection of decadent desserts on offer, these should make for many a fine afternoon wiling away the hours in the tropical sun.

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To learn more about the dining opportunities that can be found on Turtle Island, please do not hesitate to contact us as soon as time permits. There are few vacation experiences that can match what we have to offer.

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