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Packing for Fiji

It’s Time to Get Packing for Fiji!

While packing for Fiji is relatively stress-free it is still important to make sure that you consider everything you might need to put on that Fiji holiday packing list to make sure you are well prepared for your trip away.


What Luggage Should I Pack For Fiji: Carry on or Checked?

The first decision to make is whether you are a carry-on only traveler or are happy to add a little extra wait-time by the luggage carousel to collect your checked luggage.  This is the initial step in determining the things to bring to Fiji.

Either way, these tips might be of some use.  Packing cubes come in various shapes and sizes and are a terrific way of organizing your clothes into swimwear, daywear, exercise gear and so on.  If two of you are packing into the same suitcase, we suggest getting two different colors of cubes, so it makes it even easier to put your hands on what you are looking for.

This is especially the case if you are doing a stopover at one of the hotels on Fiji’s main island of Viti Levu before heading to an outer island like Turtle Island as it saves you unpacking your entire suitcase to find what you need.

While you will find that you can easily limit your shoe choices, we also recommend putting vacuum seal shoe bags on your Fiji packing list as they minimize space in your luggage.  Other tips include ziplock freezer bags and even disposable hotel shower caps – anything to keep shoes together and to save getting your clothes dirty.


Essential Packing List Items

Packing for Fiji is not just about clothes! We recommend treating yourself to a travel kit like the ones from Australian company Aesop.  Most of them contain all the essentials like deodorant, hand sanitizer, toothpaste, hydrating spray, hair and skin care – all in perfectly sized containers which won’t eat up too much space.

While most resorts will have a first aid kit, it is always more convenient to have your own support kit on hand.  Some considerations for a Fiji check list might include Aloe Vera for that extra time spent in the sun, something to calm your stomach – always important when trying out new foods, Berocca to recover from one too many umbrella drinks and maybe an insect repellent. But not to worry if you decide to skip some of these items when visiting Turtle Island as we grow fresh Aloe Vera in our gardens, we can provide calming stomach remedies and have an abundance of fresh coconuts to keep you well hydrated. And of course, we stock each villa with insect repellent, we love the Pure Fiji lemongrass repellent – it’s not only effective but has a beautiful perfume. Pure Fiji specializes in beauty products and they are easily purchased on your arrival at the airport and found in most resort spas.  We love that they are made locally in Suva with an environmental focus and an ethos of supporting the community in Fiji.

Of course, sunscreen is an essential.  Look for one that is labelled broad-spectrum, water-resistant and SPF50 or above. We also recommend checking the expiry date, as products that are past their use-by date will not give proper protection.


Packing The Right Attire for Fiji Weather and Culture 

Now for the main attraction – your choice of clothing.  So, the question is – Fiji what to bring? We recommend doing a trial pack and then putting half of it back in the wardrobe!

Forget your sequins and your suit and tie, Fiji is a casual destination made for relaxing days and nights.

When considering what to take to Fiji – the key is lightweight clothing and layers.

The weather year-round is ideal for a tropical getaway with the perfect timing being May to October.  Fiji does have a wet season which is typically considered to be December to February but the outer islands including Turtle Island in the north of the Yasawa group enjoy less rainfall year-round.

Regardless, it is a good idea to put a light raincoat on your Fiji packing list for those rare evening showers.

Your choice of activities will guide you on what to pack when going to Fiji.

During the day, no doubt you will be poolside or staking out a lounge chair on the beach so bring several changes of swimwear as this will be your main wardrobe staple.  We also suggest making sure you have a rash guard or rash vest with UV protection to safeguard you from the strong South Pacific sun. This will be essential for your snorkeling, stand up paddle boarding, kayaking, jet skiing or sailing activities.

Remember to be considerate though of the Fijian community – when out in public areas please be a little modest in your swimwear choices and pack something to throw over your swimwear if you want to head off to the bar or communal areas. When visiting a Fijian village guests are required to dress conservatively, this includes both men and women covering their shoulders and legs below the knee. We recommend wearing a sarong as it is light and cool and many shops in Fiji sell sarongs if you don’t own one. On Turtle Island we provide each guest with a sarong to wear if they choose to visit one of the villages on the neighboring islands or join in a kava ceremony.

You might also choose to begin your day at a yoga class which are offered at many of the major hotels and resorts.  This is a beautiful way to breathe in the peaceful surrounds of this beautiful destination and appreciate the sense of place. If this activity is for you – we suggest adding some active wear when you are packing for Fiji or you could simply put in some shorts or baggy style yoga pants.

If a sunrise or sunset horse-riding experience on Turtle Island is more your thing, your active wear can also double down for this occasion or alternatively a pair of shorts or long cotton pants will also work.  We recommend avoiding jeans as they will be too hot especially if you are traveling in the warmer months like January when the temperatures and the humidity are high.

Fiji also has many adventure-based activities such as zip lining and ATV tours so once again the shorts or long pants will come in handy.

At night-time, depending on the time of year you are traveling, it may get a little cooler and your layers – a light sweater or jacket will be useful things to bring to Fiji.  This will be especially useful if you are enjoying dinner on the mountain-top on Turtle Island as the breeze will typically come up in the evening.

There are also many beautiful cultural activities to be enjoyed when visiting Fiji.  On Turtle Island, guests are invited to join the Turtle family in a choir performance at the church.  There is also a cultural evening where guests can enjoy a Lovo and the staff will perform a meke (traditional dances) followed by a kava ceremony. It is respectful to dress modestly for these occasions.

In all other activities such as sports days, family nights or evenings on the kava mat – your casual vacation clothes are perfect for a Fiji holiday.

We are often asked what shoes people should put on their Fiji packing list.  On Turtle Island, flip-flops, thongs or jandals (depending on your language of choice) are probably the only things you will need when you are not bare foot.  In fact, we often have to return these to our guests as they take them off and then forget to put them back on again as they are so relaxed. Sandals and slides are also a good choice and running shoes if you plan to be more active. Heels or formal shoes should definitely be left behind in your wardrobe ready for your return to work!

Packing for Fiji Entertainment

There is so much to do or so little to do in Fiji depending on the style of getaway you are looking for.

We suggest bringing along a favorite book or two for those days when your beach hammock is beckoning.  Whether it’s that bestseller you picked up at the airport, the classic you have always been wanting to read or books to read to your children at bed time, these should be on your Fiji holiday packing list as you will have plenty of time to enjoy them.

Fiji is also a good digital detox destination.  Phone reception in the Islands is thankfully very limited so be prepared to turn it off and check for messages sporadically or use it to listen to your favorite music or podcast as you while away the sunny days.

Phones are also essential for taking photos which will serve as an enjoyable reminder of your Fiji experience.


Fiji what to pack if you are traveling with young children

 Firstly, consider some fun activities for the plane ride – in addition to the in-flight entertainment, coloring-in and activity books are great time occupiers as they help to provide some screen downtime.  It’s also fun to wrap a couple of small toys or games that can be played on the plane – just remember there are other passengers who will appreciate low noise activities!

When you arrive in Fiji there will be no shortage of things to do by the pool, at the beach or when the sun goes down. On Turtle Island, family time happens twice a year in December-January and again in June-July.  This is the time when the Bula Buddies swing into action to take care of your little ones.  During the day there are plenty of safe water activities as they explore the oceans together and learn about the importance of marine sustainability while night-time is the perfect time to play some board games, learn some Fijian songs or simply go crabbing.

Many travelers also enjoy bringing small gifts for the Fijian children.  On Turtle Island, a visit to the neighboring village on the next island is popular with our guests so they can learn more about Fijian culture and experience day to day life.  While gifts are not essential, picture books, coloring-in pencils and notebooks are always well received. 

Your Top 10 Fiji checklist might look like this:

  1. Passport
  2. Travel kit
  3. First aid kit
  4. Swimwear/beachwear
  5. Activewear/long pants
  6. Lightweight clothing/layers
  7. Flip flops and running shoes
  8. Books and electronics
  9. Rain jackets
  10. Gifts

All of these items will be perfect if you are packing to visit Turtle Island. With only 14 villas and 12 secluded beaches it’s easy to feel like you have this private island to yourself.  A range of activities starting with yoga or sunrise horse-riding and followed by private beach picnics and a range of marine activities such as snorkeling, SCUBA diving, kayaking and sailing are available during the day. Hiking, mountain biking and a visit to our spa overlooking the Blue Lagoon are also a popular activities.  As the sun sets, cocktail hour is followed by dinner at one of the many beautiful locations on the 500-acre Island such as the mountain-top or the vegetable garden which supplies 80% of the produce for the guest meals.  Private dinners are also an option and can be booked on a candle-lit floating pontoon, at the end of the jetty or at nearby cliff point. Cultural activities such as discovering Fijian medicinal plants or learning about the ancient tradition of woodcarving provide a fascinating insight into Fijian culture and each evening ends with a communal celebration as guests are invited on to the Kava mat to join our Turtle Island staff for music and singing.

To learn more about the unique adventures and experiences you could enjoy at Turtle Island Fiji resort, please contact us today to begin your journey to our private island paradise.

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