Top 5 Private Island Rentals for a Luxury Vacation

Haven’t we all, at some point or other, dreamt of making like Robinson Crusoe and spending a week on a desert island, albeit with a little luxury thrown in?

The idea of having a private island for rent is surely the stuff of dreams? Imagine having an entire island to share with just your significant other and some very attentive staff taking care of your every need?

Private island vacations offer the ultimate escape from the everyday and everyone, with total privacy and seclusion and the chance to really switch off. With a private island vacation you can tailor the menu to your own individual culinary preferences, create your own activities itinerary and be first in line when it comes to pampering spa treatments and massages.

And private island rental doesn’t just have to be for the deep-pocketed millionaires among us. In today’s competitive world of travel, you can rent an islandin the most unlikely of locations from a blustery Scottish island to a lighthouse on a rocky outcrop in Croatia, where, if there are enough of you, it might be more affordable than you think.

Take a look at our pick of the top fiveprivate islands for rent for a luxury vacation.


Fiji has managed to retain a wild and exotic feel, a real castaway’s dream, and is without doubt one of the best locations in which to find a private island for rent.

Surrounded by the vast South Pacific Ocean, Fiji boasts more than 300 islands and 540 islets, offering vacationers everything from opulent luxury to sustainable eco-lodges that are home to just a few guests and staff. With so many islands to choose from, it would appear the options to rent a private islandin Fiji are limitless!

The idyllic Yasawaarchipelago are a truly remote cluster of 20 tropical islands that can be reached via a 30-minute scenic flight from Viti Levu. These sun-kissed islands are popular with honeymoon couples due to their remoteness, natural beauty and privacy, with plenty of exclusive resort islands that offer private island vacations.

The Yasawas are home to resorts like the privately-owned and award-winningTurtle Island Fiji,which has just 14 bures – Fijian villas – spread over 500 acres with 12 private beaches and a distinct commitment to conservation. You can rent this iconic Fiji island for yourselves, your close friends and family exclusively, perfect for a dream destination wedding on the beach of the Blue Lagoon or for a long-awaited post lockdown family reunion.

Rent a private island like Turtle Island and you’ll have the place to yourselves along with all the luxuries it offers including spacious and serene accommodation, a beachside spa for relaxing massages, sea and farm-to-table dining such as lobster caught that morning, an array of water sports including fishing, scuba diving and kayaking, and a dedicated staff of 90 Fijians to take care of you and your guests.

With a private island vacation you’ll be treated to dinner parties on the beach, a traditional Fijian ‘lovo’ where the food is cooked in the sand on heated stones, and traditional meke, a combination of dance and story-telling through song.


How about swapping the tropical Fijian sunshine for Scotland’s wild weather by renting a self-catering house on the private island of Ronay?

Bobbing around in Scotland’s Western Isles in the Outer Hebrides, Ronay Island is a rugged, rolling slice of salt-sprayed nature – 1,400 acres of rugged terrain which is home to an old druid temple, a nunnery and numerous crofts, small rented Scottish farms.

The modest house – in comparison to private island rentals in some of the world’s warmer locations – is powered by solar panels and is situated on top of the site of the old inn, facing south over the bay.

The luxury here is the solitude and the wild, dramatic nature with plenty of opportunities to spot golden eagles, falcons, woodcock and grouse and other wildlife including deer, otters and porpoises.

This private island rental is surrounded by the wild Scottish sea that is full of mackerel, salmon, scallops and cockles. The island also has nine lochs providing brown trout fishing.Sheep were removed in 2004 to allow the flora to return to its natural state and to increase the deer population.


Mention private island rental and Richard Branson’s luxury Necker Island comes to mind.

This 74-acre island, just north of Virgin Gorda, can host up to 30 people in 15 rooms. For larger groups, there’s neighboringMoskito Island that can take an extra 16 people.

It’s one of the most exclusive and celebrated islands in the Caribbean and is the perfect playground to explore on land and water with plenty of activities and events.

Few destinations can rival Necker Island for its eclectic assortment of famous guests include Princess Diana, Barack Obama and Kate Winslet who was hailed as having rescued Branson’s late mother Eve from a fire.

Branson is also part owner in Makepeace Island – a heart-shaped bolthole just off the Sunshine Coast near Noosa in Australia.  A private island vacation on this 25 acre gem offers three two-bedroom villas and a four bedroom home along with a private chef for all your culinary yearnings.


Make like the Swedes and escape to a lake during a northern hemisphere summer.

Fifty miles from Stockholm, the tiny private islet on Lake Mälaren is available for private island rental.

You’ll find just four buildings on Lake Mälaren: a house with three bedrooms; a dwelling with just one room; a state-of-the-art sauna; and a one-bedroom round house.

The main house is light and airy and furnished in a style that mixes Gustavian tradition with contemporary Scandinavian design.

Plus your private island rental includes the use of a small boat with an outboard motor, allowing you to zip across to the nearby pretty town of Mariefred, home to boutique shops, restaurants and galleries, and the fairy tale-like Gripsholm Castle.


In Croatia, you can rent an entire lighthouse that sits on a rocky outcrop just off the coast of Dubrovnik.

A private island vacation here will feel like you’re standing sentinel watching for the approaching cruise ships entering the harbor.

Grebeni is a small island about 300m from the Dubrovnik hotel complex Babin Kuk on Lapad peninsular. In 1872 a lighthouse was built there to offer sailors an orientation point for easier night approach to the port of Gruz.

While staying at the lighthouse might feel isolated, you’ll have access to all the facilities of the Dubrovnik Palace Hotel including its wellness center and tennis courts.

Grebeni Lighthouse can accommodate up to seven guests and offers fishing, kayaking and jet skiing.


If you’re longing to rent an island, get in touch with us today at Turtle Islandto start planning yourprivate island vacation. With just 14 bures for your friends and family, and your very own ‘Bure Mama’ to cater to your every whim’, Turtle Island will feel like your home the moment you arrive.

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