Thank You

We’re delighted to share our private island paradise with you. When you book the Sanctuary Package, all 500 acres are your tropical haven. Our beachfront villas, our 12 private beaches, and our warm and caring staff are all at the beck and call of you and your invited guests.

We’ve just sent a welcome newsletter to your email, and our reservations team will be in touch with you personally. Please see below a link to a list of Covid-19 Frequently Asked Questions that you might find useful when planning your stay at Turtle Island. If you’d like to reach us via phone, please call 1-800-255-4347.

If you don’t receive an email response within 4 hours please email our Sales Director, at [email protected].

We’re looking forward to your arrival on the shores of Turtle Island.

Warm Regards,

Richard Evanson Jr.