Top 5 Turtle Island Resort Activities You Shouldn’t Miss

The Turtle Island Resort Fiji is a dreamy, high-class and romantic, classified island resort, located in a secluded location in Fiji. It is an ideal place to stay during your honeymoon. During your vacation at the resort, you will share the facilities with just thirteen other couples. You can reserve to enjoy a luxurious private picnic on the chalky white seashore for a day. Christened as the “hyper-quixotic” resort, Turtle Island Resort presents almost everything from the dreamy honeymoons to weddings and anniversaries. The quiet Turtle Island beaches proffer a prospect to regenerate your love life!

Here are some top resort activities that you should not miss during your stay:

Snorkeling: – Snorkeling is even more startling in the waters that surround Turtle Island. Everything appears crystal clear in the unspoiled, blue waters off the Turtle Island. Also, the incredible sea life keeps you snorkeling for long stretches of time. Guests to Turtle Island Resort Fiji do not even have to leave the island to take snorkeling lessons. There is no better place than Turtle Island to have your first snorkeling adventure.

Sailing: – Sailing along the open deep-sea waters leaves you and your partner quite relaxed. The water does not get much calmer nor does the backdrop get more gorgeous than along the Turtle Island. Choose from gaff-rigged Sunfish sailboats to larger sailboats, depending on what you want to experience. Staying in Turtle Island Resort Fiji, you can have all of your sailing arrangements made for you without wandering very far.

Fishing: – Fishing takes on a whole new dimension when you go fishing at Turtle Island. During your stay, you can engage in deep sea fishing to enjoy its matchless adrenaline rush. Depending on the weather conditions our Fiji reef fishing outings begin early in the morning, and go on for about 4-6 hours. Our guides are always there for any assistance and to ensure that you have the best fishing expedition possible. Make sure you carry a backpack with water, sunscreen, and some bites to enjoy the whole day on the blue waters.

Running, Walking, Hiking:-Hiking is a perfect way to discover Turtle Island Resort Fiji. There are plenty of nature trails and paths marked by lively red hibiscus to suit all hiking needs, from easy walking to more demanding walks. With 500 acres to roam, all trails boast of spectacular scenery, presenting striking sights of the green vegetation and stunning lagoons surrounding them. Enjoy the indigenous rain forests, the leafy hills, and the captivating mangroves. Feel free to run, walk or hike as you explore. You can venture out on your own or seek the services of our friendly guides.

Fiji Sunset Cruise:-One of the most romantic resort activities that you can enjoy on your escape is our sunset dinner cruise. After expending a venturesome day snorkeling, hiking, or fishing, a Turtle Island dinner cruise is the perfect way to end your day.

These evening cruises have dancers on them coupled with an excellent cuisine and wine to complement them. Music and other arrangements are also provided as well.

Our Resort activities are all about unwinding, revitalizing, and fun-filled getaways. Everyone will certainly enjoy the multiplicity of traditions and the exotic local foods as well all the striking activities specially catered for our guests. Selecting the Turtle Island Resort Fiji as your honeymoon or holiday destination is unreservedly one of the best choices you can make for the ultimate warm and quixotic experience!

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