Top Scuba Diving Destination: The Soft Coral Capital of The World

Our Resort on Turtle Island

Top Scuba Diving DestinationsSituated out on the Pacific Ocean, the more than three hundred islands that make up the nation of Fiji are a popular destination for tourists from all around the world. Little surprise when said islands include spectacular sights such as Turtle Island, which serves as home to our resort.

Befitting its membership in the Yasawa Group, which means “Heaven” in the Fijian language, Turtle Island is a natural paradise where our visitors can bask in the beauties of the unspoiled wilderness. However, if you are someone with even the slighest interest in what wonders can be found in the Pacific Ocean, then what should excite you is our status as a top scuba diving destination.

Scuba Diving Off of Turtle Island

Given the reputation of Fiji, it should come as no surprise to learn that the waters surrounding Turtle Island are home to countless species of fish, cephalopods, and other marine life. Scuba diving among such a stunning succession of color and motion is sure to be an unforgettable experience, all the more so when combined with the geographic formations that mark the region’s volcanic origins. However, what makes us a top scuba diving destination are the soft corals that still flourish in these waters.

Like their name suggests, soft corals do not generate skeletons, meaning that said species do not settle on the remains of their predecessors. Instead, soft corals settle in enormous numbers on the reefs that can be found here and there in the clean and unpolluted waters of the Yasawa Group. So much so that some of these reefs are covered in a rainbow of colors, resembling a field of exotic flowers more than barren expanses of lifeless rock.

Of course, these formations of soft corals make up no more than a part of the local ecosystem, meaning that there will be other species of marine life to interest and intrigue the scuba divers swimming among them. Examples range from fusiliers and groupers to the ever-graceful manta ray swimming out on its own. Not to mention the anthias, which come in what seems like clouds of pulsating color, sure to wow the senses.

Best of all, our experienced divers are extremely familiar with our surrounding waters, meaning that our visitors can maximize the amount of time spent seeing these wonders up close and personal. The sight of soft corals swaying to and fro on the face of the reefs while countless number of colorful fish move between them is something that you will treasure for a lifetime.

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