The Ultimate Beach Wedding – Reserve an Entire Fiji Island Resort

If your ideal wedding is a destination wedding on a beautiful island, then the luxurious Fiji island resort is what you are looking for all along. This Turtle Island Resort is the most exclusive, exquisite and most private resort you will ever come across. Sitting alone on a 500-acre island, it has only 14 villas locally referred to as Bures (Fijian Villas). That means that we accommodate 28 guests at a time making it a perfect hideaway for you to have a memorable and enjoyable time as you stay with us. Each Bure is cared for by a Bure Mama (caretaker) who takes care of you for the whole of your stay at the resort. Without any doubts, you get the feeling of home away from home incorporated with explosive fun filled activities to take on from the moment you check in with us.

With all these luxuries and privacy, this resort has the all the characteristics of an ideal venue for the ultimate beach wedding. The icing on the cake is that you can rent the entire island for you and your marriage party for up to 7 days. That will mean that you may be able to hold an uninterrupted private event with a restricted number of people in attendance through prior booking of the whole facility. You will also get personalized services from the staffs and enjoy having the beach all to yourself or together with your guests. Just imagine tying the knot with the love of your life on a white clean white sandy beach. Here at the Turtle Island Resort all your wildest imaginations will come true. Some of the greatest memories that you will take with you are the white sands on the beach with a tropical breeze and a beautiful sunset at the shores of the famed Blue Lagoon to complement your special day.

Ultimate Beach WeddingThe bride and groom may dress in traditional Fijian tapa made from the bark of a tree and is painted with traditional Fijian arts and symbols using black, tan and brown. With numerous flowers growing on this island, the bride, the groom and the entire guest population may wear wreaths of fresh, sweet-smelling flowers all around their necks. That without a doubt is a grand set up for an ultimate beach wedding. The wedding set up is filled with the exotic Fijian energy as the arrival of the bride on a billi billi (wedding raft) is announced with the ceremonial blowing of conch shells.

Two Fijian attendant escorts the bride from the raft to her groom as drums are beaten rhythmically. A Fijian choir sings for the bride and groom as they approach the chapel. After the wedding ceremony, everyone honors the newly-weds by participating in a traditional Kava ceremony. After the kava, the newly-weds are return to return to the lovo (a wedding feast) in the billi billi where they get to eat fresh seafood, roast pork, and other local delicacies. After the feast, you will be able to participate in cutting the cake of your choice baked for you to your specifications by our staff.

We handle each and every detail of your ceremony to ensure that it is a success. That leaves you with all the time in the world enjoy, relax and cherish every minute with the love of your life. We organize for the feast, license fee for the marriage, a choir, services of a minister, original and authentic Fijian outfits, the wedding cake, kava ceremony and all the Photographers for capturing all these moments. The only things you need to bring with you are your passport, divorce or death certificate of a former spouse (if applicable). Others are a birth certificate or certified copy of the same and notarized letters of paternal consent if under 21 must be signed by your father unless he is deceased. For smooth operations, the couple to be wedded must arrive on the island three days prior to the ceremony.

With all the work done for you, you are guaranteed to make lasting memories when you choose Turtle Island Resort to be the venue where you exchange your vows. Everything about the place oozes love and romance. From the beautiful sceneries, the natural settings, and the hospitable locals, this will make your wedding on this island be the undisputed ultimate beach wedding. Book with us today and enjoy your ultimate beach wedding in the spectacular island.

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