Worlds Top Fishing Trips: Turtle Island Fiji


Fiji fishing tripsThe next time you plan one of your fishing trips, you need to have the best, and Turtle Island offers just that. The main attraction at Fiji is not just the fantastic beaches and the astounding beauty, but also the resources hiding below the surface of the Fiji’s Pacific Ocean’s water. There is a lot of life in Fiji’s waters, sea turtles, including dolphins, sea snakes, corals, eels and quite a colorful array of exotic fish to name but a few. Turtle Island is full of activities, ranging from exciting snorkeling all the way to fabulous diving. The beauty and joy curled within the magnificent underwater world of Fiji lies in fishing and exploring the deep seas.

Turtle Island Fiji is located in an archipelago in the western region of the Fiji Islands commonly known as the Yasawa Group. Island should just make you envious if you understand the meaning of the name and how it was founded. A Fijian name that stands for a turtle, ‘Vonu’, is a majestic creature that tends to infuse peace and serenity into the environments and the surroundings of the island. Turtle Island is home to the famous Blue Lagoon, known for capturing the calm breezes blowing from the South Pacific. Undoubtedly, Fiji is one of the most ideal fishing destinations in the world and if you know the fun and the joy, and have passionate about fishing, an adventure in Turtle Island will memorable trip of your time.

Whether you wish to travel with your family or just a couple of mates, fishing in the waters of Turtle Island will be just perfect and accommodative. You may opt to book a dedicated fishing charter and enjoy the freedom of real fishing at pleasure. The spectacular catches often include barracuda, Spanish mackerel, trevally, skipjack tuna, yellowfin tuna and rainbow runner. You may have your trip any time of the year, and you are certain to catch a sailfish or even June through September and bump on a Wahoo as well. Yellowfin Tuna can be plenty between February and April. The best are the Spanish mackerels and barracuda (walu) plenty in October through March though available all year round.

In Turtle Island, you will have an opportunity to explore various beaches within 500 acres of the southern pacific considered by many as the most magical experience. You may want to escape to the island with your newly wedded lover, and you will be hosted as a couple within the available space of 14 couples. Better still, the entire Turtle Island may be reserved for you if you choose to visit with close friends or even a family for a whole week. You may escape to Turtle Island for a memorable wedding on the Blue Lagoon beach with your closest friends, invite your whole family for a get-together that you will remember forever, or just gather for lifetime party on the island! Your privacy is guaranteed and maximum excitement for any kids you may bring with you. You can be assured you will be living in your own private paradise which is a lifetime experience that is unequalled, and almost indescribable.

Fishing trips you take in Turtle Island will be as yielding as ever. You will be amazed at how your angling gets improved and your desire will grow for a bigger fish. The variety of fishes that are easily caught and abundant especially the wee hours of the night will keep you yearning to get better and deeper. How it fills your joy when you break a popper or two as you struggle to lift that 7kg Spanish mackerel. Get the right footing, fishing is not just putting that bit to the hook – you need to do it right and at the best. Turtle Island offers just that, and the experience will never leave you memories.


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